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Combining our products with our process management service, you will ensure color harmony in all sectors of your company. 

Our technical team will manage according to your needs, adapting, controlling and training. So you will be able to work within International standards such as Fogra and Gracol.

This Electronic Package will manage your Contract Proof and Print system. 

With an Epson Printer controlled by GMG ColorProof combined with our Elecproof Media, you will have a proof able to reproduce the Fogra or Gracol International standards.

With this Bundle from Electronic, in addition to all the benefits of Bundle 1, you also get:  

You'll have tools capable of saving up to 20% of your ink consumption without changing the visual appearance of the print and even facilitating color matching.
It also includes   the Ink Cartridge Pre-Adjustment, which will greatly reduce machine adjustment time and material waste 

With this Electronic Bundle, in addition to all the benefits of Bundles 1 and 2, you also get:


Automated measurement and control of press sheets and automatic adjustment of ink cartridges for a production without variations from start to finish and with complete production reports.

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