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March 20, 2022


The new ChromaQA tools and the new SpectroDens functions make the production process easier.

Techkon introduces the latest SpectroDens™ 4 spectrodensitometer functions, including OBA-Check™ and visual opacity measurement functions.


SpectroDens 4's measurement function, OBA-Check, provides accurate information about the intensity of the optical brightening agents used and the shade of the paper. SpectroDens 4 is the first color measurement instrument to offer a visual opacity of printed white ink measurement function. It allows a user to measure and monitor the hidden power of opaque white ink, as it is commonly referred to.

Additional SpectroDens 4 features include:

  • A high-definition spectral sensor that samples color in approximately 3 nm increments (from 400-700 nm)

  • InkCheck™ feature that instantly shows delta E and provides a press operator with the specific density adjustments needed to achieve the best possible color match

  • GrayGuide™ feature that displays the G7 pass/fail indication and specific CMYK density adjustments needed

  • Displays M0, M1, M2, M3 color measurement conditions according to ISO 13655

  • Ergonomic design for easy one-handed operation and rolling wheels for scanning

  • Capable of scanning a control wedge in seconds to confirm evidence against 12647-7 and popular datasets like GRACol, SWOP3, SWOP5, IFRA, UGRA/FOGRA, G7 and other alternatives

  • Ability to create, edit and manage color libraries, import/export color data, generate pass/fail QC reports and manage the instrument, all with the integrated software

  • Uses true Wi-Fi to connect to a PC for faster communication speeds, enhanced security, and wider network connectivity and range

  • Designed for durability and flexibility. Designed with a cast aluminum body and limited moving parts. 1.5mm or 3mm apertures are easily changed by an operator on the fly

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