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Constant technical evolution to continue being the best technical support company in the graphics area


We have a clear link between our purpose and the ethical values that ensure that ethics are part of our culture and guide

making all our decisions, promoting the desired behaviors. 

Purpose and values are our foundation. Ethical values guide the way our business is conducted

We differentiate between ethical values (such as honesty, fairness, integrity, reliability, respect) and business values (such as innovation,  customer focus). 

Business values are what we will deliver and ethical values are how business values will be achieved.

Our core values are respect and honesty with our customers.


Electronic has technical resources that adapt to the most diverse requirements

of the production process and technology to serve all segments

of the printing industry.

With a team from different sectors of the Graphic Industry and with vast experience

in this market, our technicians have the ability to act as consultants, indicating

the best technology to be implemented or even the best service to be performed, always

having as main point respect and hospitality towards the client.

In constant evolution, our technicians undergo successive training and evaluations

so that they can continue to provide the best and most complete

service available on the market.






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In order for the work to be carried out perfectly, we use as work tools,

the newest technologies available, ranging from software to measurement and control equipment de , making our service fast and accurate, respecting the resources of

our clients.

Today Electronic provides the most varied services, ranging from

maintenance of equipment to Graphic Consultancy, all valuing

for Honesty, Ethics and Technical Capacity.

See more about the services provided by Electronic.

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